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An artwork for the city of Turin,
by Nicola Russo 

In an historical moment like this, where the emergency we are experiencing has perhaps changed our daily lives forever, there is the need to react, to leave our houses and roll up our sleeves to start again. Turin is a city that struggles to find itself and the only way to welcome the future is to expose itself. 

Everything starts from a word, COURAGE, which I believe is the key-word in times of crisis, in fact I believe that in moments like this we need to expose ourselves, to break the schemes, to change the mindset to welcome the future.


I created this work inspired by a symbol very dear to Turin people, the Toret. Historic Turin public water fountain, it is an object rooted in the everyday life of citizens and inserted deep into the heart of those who recognize it as part of their memories.


I tried to imagine an element that could symbolize change, that was iconic and  that could dialogue with the city, that could be recognizable and understandable to everyone. During one of the many walks in the city center, I stopped to watch a family queuing to drink at a Toret, there I realized that bull was the right character to tell a story.


We all know the Toret, but looking at the fountain, we only ever see the animal's head. From here I tried to imagine his state of mind, closed in a fountain without being able to go out, a situation that is never as current as it is today and which is part of this new everyday life. So I identified with that bull, who, seeing a situation of uncertainty, of bewilderment in his Turin, decides to expose himself, to make an almost heroic gesture to give a sign of change and spur public opinion. So I imagined it forcibly breaking the metal and coming out.


Thus, with irony, he frees himself from the Turin understatement, leaves his `` home '' from that scheme, and exposes, presenting himself to the city as it is, proud, showing all the imperfections common to each of us, ready to leave again and get involved to inspire the rebirth of this city. Perhaps in 1854 when it was conceived they would have said "bogia nen!" (don't move) but now he has decided to move and he wants to do it in a dramatic way by stimulating the city.


A sculpture emerges with a very strong bond with the city and the Turinese people. An identity work ready to establish a dialogue with the city and citizens, which never leaves the past but which evolves to welcome the future. A work of courage, because without courage there is no future.


It is also a symbol of inclusiveness, a fundamental word today, because difficult moments are overcome together.

The idea is to make it a sort of manifesto of the new Turin and everyone that reacts, that exposes itself to reborn.

Toh has a very important charity partner too, the Fondazione Piemontese per la Ricerca sul Cancro Onlus, one of the biggest institute for cancer research in Europe founded by the Agnelli Family in 1986 here in Piedmont.

The work was donated and its realization was completely paid by the artist as a gift to the city.




Nicola Russo


Fabrizio Vespa, Alessandro Stante, Eugenio Pipino, Luca Vettoretto, Paolo Alessio, Isabella Pessina, Flavia Franco, Andrea Viroglio, Matteo Stella, Estro Comunicazione, Minimarket Studio, Crippen, Luca Terrosi, ST Servizi

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Logo della Regione Piemonte che aiuta e sostiene l'opera Toh di Nicola Russo
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